Outside Temperature
Wind Direction
Wind Speed
Gust Speed
Latitude: 38° 23.82' N
Longitude: 001° 03.83' W
Altitude: 581 meters
Station uptime: 13 days, 14 hours, 28 minutes
Server uptime: 13 days, 8 hours, 11 minutes

Anemometer and weather vane relocated March 8, 2019

Our Vantage Pro anemometer and weather vane unit has been reloctaed to provide more accurate data. It was originally located on a short 5 meter tower, but was effected by its proximatey to the house. The unit is now mounted at a height of 11 meters, on a tower located further from the house.

Rain days added to history page March 7, 2019

Shows the number of days per month with precipitation.

Hosting upgraded to Raspberry Pi3 B+ March 6, 2019

After almost 2 years on the originally Raspberry Pi3 we decided to upgrade the Weewx hosting to a newer Pi3 B+ in a special case with a top-hat board supporting a 32GB SSD card. This is a much tidier setup with faster processor, more memory and more disk storage. We look forward to the same trouble-free hosting the previous Pi3 provided.

We also took the opprtunity to upgrade the Bootstrap skin to the latest version.

Hosting moved to a Raspberry Pi 3 April 20, 2017

This is the second attempt at hosting Weewx on a Raspberry Pi. This time we have a Pi 3 booting straight from a USB drive, no SD card. Hopefully this will be a bit more robust than our last attempt with a Pi platform.

Another server outage March 14, 2017

A corrupted disk drive following an operating system update took the weather server offline for most of the day. Normal service was restored early evening following a complete rebuild of the server.

3-hour plots added October 30, 2016

Short term 3-hour plots have now been added. These show the last 3 hours of data averaged over 5 minute intervals.

5-year plots added October 27, 2016

Long term plots have now been added. These show the last 5 years of data averaged by month.

Weather server outage August 20, 2016

A small technical problem with a system update, resulted in the WEEWX weather server being offline for approximately 12 hours. No data was lost during the outage, and we were back up and running early Sunday morning.

Maximum rainfall rate added April 30, 2016

Maximum rainfall rate has now been added to the History page. This shows the maximum intesity of rainfall each month in mm/hr.

Another hard disk failure April 17, 2016

Another critical drive failure has meant a rethink of the Weewx setup. The Raspberry Pi is now gone, being replaced with a small mini-ITX box with SSD hard drive. Hopefully, this will prove to be a more stable platform.

New information displayed March 10, 2016

Gauges section of the page updated to provide additional useful information. This includes trend data for temperature, wind speed, and barometric pressure.

Weather favicon added to the site December 01, 2015

The final piece of the new site overhaul has been put in place, a weather specific site favicon.

Upgraded to Bootstrap 2.22 November 24, 2015

Following the rebuid of the Raspberry Pi it seemed a good opportunity to update the Bootstrap skin to the latest version.

We had a small problem November 21, 2015

A little over 3 weeks a go the Raspberry Pi that records and displays data from the weather station failed. Turned out it was a corrupt microDrive that was being used as the boot device and main data store. The microDrive has now been replaced with a standard 2.5" 40GB USB hard drive, and everything is now back to normal.

Almanac now available February 14, 2015

Basic almanac data has been added to the site. It is a simple and quick implimentation at the moment which may be improved upon in the future, if time permits.

Solar radiation added February 6, 2015

The solar radiation sensor for the Vantage Pro arrived this morning and has been installed. Solar radiation data is now available on the site in W/m*2.

Now including a 10-day forecast! January 30, 2015

After a lot of tweaking of templates and files, I finally got the Weather Underground 10-day forecast to display on its own page. If time permits I may also add the Zambretti forecast.

Radar image added January 29, 2015

Finally got time to add a radar image to the site. Next up will be a page with a 10-day Weather Underground forecast.

After a disaster.....a new start January 26, 2015

Followoing an unfortunate incident with a vacuum cleaner and our UPS, the Raspberry Pi running our weather station software need a complete rebuild. This was the perfect opportunity to try something new, and Bootstrap certainly makes for a big improvement.

We are up and running January 25, 2015

Looks like we're up and running...